8 myths and prejudices about lesbians

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There are 8 most common misconceptions about lesbians. Myths and prejudices that have become familiar in our society. How many of them are you  convinced of as well?


Myth #1

myths about lesbians

“A man broke her heart so she decided to become a lesbian. “

In fact, no woman can just decide to become a lesbian. Either she is, or she is not. But a broken heart does not make woman to become a lesbian. Try it yourself – can you decide to be attracted to the other sex as of tomorrow? Of course, some circumstances in a woman’s life will show her the “right” way – like “fooling around” with female friends at parties,etc.


Myth #2

myths about lesbians

“Every lesbian is a feminist and every feminist is a lesbian.”

It is true that many lesbians fight for women’s rights. However, this does not mean that the above rule applies automatically. Think of, for instance, actress Emma Watson, who makes no secret of the fact that she is a feminist, but she is not a lesbian. Or Ellen DeGeneres, who is openly lesbian, but she is not a feminist. It also does not apply that all lesbians hate men. On the contrary, there are mostly heterosexual women who constantly complain about men.


Myth #3

myths about lesbians

“Every lesbian feels like a man in a woman’s body.”

No. A woman who feels like being in a male body is called transsexual. These women want to undergo a change of identity sooner or later. So if you think of a woman who has short hair, no make-up, sneakers and she dress like a boy, that’s just what she prefers. 🙂


Myth #4

myths about lesbians

“Lesbian is an ugly and fat butch woman who hates men and is a feminist.”

You would be surprised – imagine a beautiful woman wearing high heels, sexy dress, with long hair and lipstick. You turn around and want to ask her out … but she ends up in another woman’s arms. This is not a cheap scene from the movie, but often the reality. Even lesbians are beautiful, they love to dress nicely and want to look attractive. It is the same as for heterosexuals – there are also different types and not everyone is wearing boots.


Myth #5

LGBT rainbow in Moscow

“I knew something was wrong with you when you stopped going to church.”

Sexual orientation is not related to belief in God or belonging to any church. There are lesbians among Christians, as well as between Jews, Muslims, or Atheists. Unfortunately, it is the attitude of religions towards homosexuality which causes many times turning away from the Church and faith.


Myth #6

myths about lesbians

“If we allow lesbians to have children, they raise other “homosexual” children.”

All of these prejudices have been already overturned by scientific research. Especially in the US and the United Kingdom we can spot an ordinary gay family on the street. Children of these families are not homosexuals and they are not psychologically marked as a “non-standard” family as well.

Myth #7

lesbian kiss

“There’s always one man in the lesbian relationship.”

In our society, we often divide our activities into male and female. The woman should cook, wash, clean, care for children. The man should drive, do sports, repair minor fault and be a technical type. The man does not cry. The woman is sensitive. Is that really true? Even in many heterosexual families, this redistribution does not work as expected. I know many men who cook better than their women and women who paint walls and change bulbs. Everyone is doing their best. And so is the lesbian relationship. There are no labels.


Myth #8


“It’s easier to be in a lesbian relationship because women understand each other.”

No relationship is easy and first of all, we talk about the relationship between two people, regardless of their gender. It is true that women are more likely to understand the “feminine” language. On the other hand, however, there are many obstacles in a lesbian relationship – hormonal fluctuations, the influence of the surroundings and society on the relationship, important questions concerning living together, children, the future, and so on.


And what is our message? Do not put labels and do not judge. The world will be more beautiful 🙂

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