Czech Republic is likely to support gay and lesbian weddings

Lesbická svadba

As stated by website Noviny.cz, government of Prime Minister Andrej Babis (YES) on Friday endorsed a parliamentary proposal, according to which people of the same sex could marry. In case of approval, Czech Republic would become the first post-communist country in Europe which allows marriage of gays and lesbians.


Registered partnerships in the Czech Republic

At present, homosexuals in Czech Republic can register their partnerships since 2006. Registered partnership has compared to marriage  some restrictions that complicate life  not only to the registered partners, but also to their children. Registered partnership lacks the symbol of the marriadge as well.


gay wedding
happy gay couple after wedding

Marriage of the same sex

The basic principle of the proposed legislation is to provide homosexual couples and their children the same protection of family life as to heterosexual husband and wife. Homosexuals would have rights and duties at the level of husbands -to create their common property, the rights and the obligations to the children, including the possibility of adoption and they should be entitled to a widow’s or widower’s pension.

If the proposal was enacted, couples already living in registered partnership would be able to stay registered or they would have possibility to get married.  The possibility to register new partnerships would be terminated.

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