Frankfurt has gay-themed traffic lights

Frankfurt has gay traffic lights

The city of Frankfurt am Main has permanently rebuilt pedestrian traffic lights: traffic lights show a homosexual couple hugging and a lesbian couple holding hands. There is a small, floating heart over it – dw.com reported.


Traffic lights as a symbol of LGBT support

Standard traffic lights have recently been replaced by ten new gay themes in Konstablerwache – just in time for Christopher Street Day (CSD). Commissioner for Integration, Sylvia Weber (SPD), said: “These traffic lights have a high symbolic value – they are a symbol of exclusion of discrimination and acceptance of equality.”


LGBT traffic lights


In the previous year, the city temporarily adapted ten traffic lights to support CSD celebrations. Now, as in Hamburg and Flensburg, gay-themed traffic lights have been permanently placed. As Sylvia Weber said: “The change made by the Ministry of Transport was apparently a small measure, but it was a lot of work. Special permission was needed  because you can not just replace the traffic signs.”


Germany supports LGBT


Christopher Street Day

Christopher Street Day (CSD) is a celebration and demonstration of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transsexuals. The aim is to demonstrate the rights of these groups as well as to point out existing discrimination and exclusion. The biggest celebrations are held in Frankfurt, Cologne, and Berlin. Upcoming events are always published on CSD Facebook.


The name Christopher Street Day is used only in Germany and in some parts of Austria and Switzerland. In other countries of the world, they are known as Gay Pride or Pride Parades.

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