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J oin us – be a part of RAINBOW-HEART family. Everyone, whowould like to share stories, ideas, videos or pictures is more than welcome. No matter if you are gay, lesbian, trans or hetero.


Why should you join us?

  • You will have your own space, where you can write/share anything related to LGBT life.
  • You do not have to pay for any domain or hosting – on our platform it si free.
  • Your post will be shared on social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram …).
  • We will get readers for you.





FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Will I get paid for any post?
A: No. However, best bloggers will become rewards (e.g. cup with rainbow-herat logo etc.).

Q: Will be my post published immediately?
A: No. We would like to avoid any contect which would not follow our goals and values. Therefore every single post will be reviewed and approved. You will be informed when your post will be published.

Q: I have noticed that website is available in Slovak language as well. Why is it so? 
A: We wanted to release this website only in Slovakia first. Then we have realised that the content we have is worth to be shared worldwide. And why slovak language? Because founders of this website are from Slovakia 🙂

Q: In which language should I write?
A: All posts should be written in English. If you are Slovak and your English is not good enough, you can write your posts in Slovak  and we will translate it.