Starbucks offers extra benefits for trans people. What are the first experiences?

Starbucks announced plans to provide comprehensive care for transgender employees. They are the first international company with such a support of their employees.

In a new plan that has been announced, Starbucks said that in addition to covering “lower surgery”, they will now cover all other medical treatments related to identity change. Especially cosmetic treatments such as hair removal, transplantation and facial feminization, as well as breast treatment. Starbuck now covers all gender-related operations and in addition,  it will help trans employees find suitable doctors and healthcare providers as well.


transgender support from starbucks
starbucks supports LGBT

Representatives of the transgender community have highlighted that medical transitions are often represented as one operation, although it actually involves more procedures that last for many years.

Starbucks has been covering gender-related operations since 2012, becoming one of the first national employers to do so in the US.


Tate talks about changing his identity

Tate Buhrmester talks about his experience. Tate is a happily married man and a manager of a branch of Starbucks. But it was not always so. He was born as a woman, but as he grew, he never felt himself in his skin. Starbucks offered him one of the benefits – change of the gender and all other cosmetic treatments. More about his personal experiences can be seen in the video below.

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