TED: Coming out story + 3 coming out tips

If you are afraid of coming out, this video will definitely give you the courage. You will hear Ash’s experience and at the end bonus – 3 tips for easier coming out. 

This video is short but full of funny moments.  Ash Beckham will give you a feeling that even coming out has to end up with a happy ending. She is equality advocate with personal experience and wisdom to help everyone bravely face their demons. Do not miss 3 coming out tips she gives at the end of the video – it is worth to see!


If English is not your native language, check, if you could find subtitles in your language. Most of the videos have available subtitules in different languages. 
How to:
1. Start video
2. Click on the second icon from the right (three dots)
3. Select language of the substitles


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