VIDEO: The first “unREAL” wedding of two women in Slovakia

svadba dve zeny

They say, “Happiness is a beautiful thing”.  And the wedding of two people who love each other even more. Such kind of wedding here in our neighborhoods has… already been!

The video of “the first” lesbian wedding in Slovakia was filmed by Matej Salát. And as he wrote himself, if he would to pick a single video of those he shot, it would be this one. Why is this video so special?
The answer is simple: its story. A story of two women who love each other. And they love each other so much that despite all prejudices they decided to get married. Ivanka a Veronika are Slovak, living in Germany for several years. Since nor marriage neither registered partnership is allowed in Slovakia, the official wedding ceremony was held in Germany. But for their family and friends they decided to organise a non-traditional traditional wedding in Slovakia. Watch the video and see it was worth it 😉

If you can’t play the video, you can look at it directly on  Facebook page of  videographer Mateja Salát.
TIP: Below the video you can find a lot of comments worth to read 🙂

Fingers crossed for girls and we hope, that at least a registered partnerships will once be a common thing in Slovakia   🙂

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