What is pansexual?

Sexuálna Orientácia

You definitely heard of terms heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or transsexual. But what, or, who is pansexual? Is this an official term for sexual orientation, or is it just a modern invention? Which of the famous celebrities are openly pansexuals?

Pansexuality (or sometimes also called omnisexuality) is sexual, romantic or emotional attraction to people regardless of gender or gender identity.

The word pansexual is made up of the pan prefix, which in old Greek means “everything/all”. Pansexuality (or sometimes also called omnisexuality) is a sexual, romantic or emotional attraction to people regardless of gender or gender identity. Pansexual people may refer to themselves as “the blind sex” and claim that the sex or sexual identity of the individual is not a decisive factor in their romantic or sexual attraction to others.

Flag of Pansexuals
Source: Wikipedia

Flag of Pansexuals
Source: Wikipedia

Is Pansexuality a New Sexual Orientation?

Pansexuality is considered to be a sexual orientation by itself, because pansexual people are open to relationships with people who are not strictly identified as men or women. Pansexuality rejects a family binary. But if you think it’s some kind of nonsense ,you’re wrong.

Term pansexuality was first used by Sigmund Freud in the early twentieth century in his development of psychoanalytic theories. Freud identified what he called “pansexualism” as a sexual instinct that motivated all types of human behavior. However, this definition does not correspond to modern pansexual identity. While Freud described pansexuality as “the sexual energy and the desire that is the basis of all human interactions in life,” pansexuals perceive their sexual attraction as an unlimited choice, regardless of sexual identity.

Symbol of Pansexuality
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What is the difference between pansexuality and bisexuality?


The prefix “bi” means two – Bisexual is attracted to both sexes by both men and women – Attractiveness is related to gender.

The prefix “pan” means everything – Pansexual is attracted to all, including transsexuals – Sex does not play any role. The attraction itself is unrelated to sex.

Famous pansexuals

Miley Cyrus is a singer and actress who has recently become aware of her sexual orientation. Miley says, “It does not matter that I am a boy or a girl and I do not have to have a partner defined as a boy or girl.”

Jazz Jennings is a transsexual, identified as pansexual. She was listed as one of the “25 most influential teens in 2014”. At two years, Jennings was confident that she was a girl and at the age of five she was one of the youngest people with a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Her family supported her, and her transition began during her nursery when she was seven. Jazz said: “He rather likes people for their personality, such as their sex or sexual orientation.”

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